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Citywide Central Corp is a BBB Accredited Insurance Company in Grand Prairie, TX

Philadelphia American

Philadelphia American Insurance (headquartered in Houston) is currently the best medically underwritten non-Obamacare individual “long-term” PPO plan. They have a NAIC complaint ratio of 0.17, which is the 3rd lowest in the country (report below). The NAIC complaint ratio is the best indicator in the nation of which companies are the best at paying claims.

This plan is not an Obamacare major medical plan because it has been grandfathered in and didn’t make the 2014 healthcare reform adjustments to continue being considered an individual major medical plan, meaning they can decline you if you have a “serious” pre-existing health condition. The new reforms require plans not to have lifetime or annual limits.

Summary of Benefits

AHU Health & Dental

Note: your $3,000 deductible is based on the brochure's $5,000 deductible

minus their $2,000 deductible credit and only applies to hospital & ICU confinement

Important: To better understand the above coverage please see the

below PPO Repricing Samples

Critical Illness Supplements Injury Supplements

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